One word from God. One VW bus.

Lives forever changed.


Welcome to Olive Tree Ministries

Kingdom Creativity


When we create prophetic art we are giving others a window into what God is doing, what He is releasing in individual lives, over a church, or over a city. What an honour it is to show others, when we partner with Him, how truly big our God is....yet not one detail of our lives, no matter how small, goes unnoticed by our Lord Jesus more

The Father's Heart


When we love unconditionally as the Father loves we see lives radically changed and captives set free. During our time at Bethel Ministry school we were able to witness first hand how the love of God is able to break down any wall and allow people to fully walk in their identity and all the God has for them. Loving unconditionally is key in living a Kingdom lifestyle. Living wholeheartedly.

Full Bible Timeline


A publication of Olive Tree Publishing. A comprehensive study of the genealogy of Jesus Christ; from the fall of man in the garden, through to Noah, Abraham, Joseph, David and the Kings of Judah to the captivity and ultimately to the birth and life of more